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We create highly automated
and effective
CRM solutions.

Nabuminds is a data-driven company created to assist e-commerce businesses.

NabuMindsNabu is the ancient Mesopotamian god of literacy, science and wisdom. He symbolises prophecy and creativity.

Everything he represents has inspired values that drive our team of leading experts across the data, business and customer relationship management fields. We are multicultural, highly astute and ridiculously ambitious, taking pride in our expertise at making the most insightful of data-driven predictions.

We are the contemporary embodiment ofNabu

Embodying the spirit of Nabu​

Our dynamic team spirit is fostered by our commitment to growing both as a collective and as individuals, as well as our dedication to continuous learning. ​

We exceed the goals we set for ourselves through hard work, laser focus and being wholly unfearful of experimentation.
The CRM and Creative teams assist and influence users from all over the world. On the other hand, the Data team uses cutting-edge technology to discover new, data-driven angles for the benefit of our clients.

Nabuminds SM-28

Why Estonia?

The beautiful Baltic nation of Estonia is where we call home. It’s a place where the old blends seamlessly with the new.

Entrepreneurial spirit thrives here, in what is arguably the most digitally minded jurisdiction in the entire world. A simple, streamlined tax regime makes life in Estonia very attractive for businesses, expatriates and locals alike. In fact, the number of international employees living and working in Estonia has doubled in the past five years alone.

Spectacular nature, vibrant cities and a can-do attitude towards the world of work are what define this amazing country.

Our Teams

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